The Eagle of Saladin has been a symbol of Arab nationalism and revolution and a prominent figure in the Iraqi emblem since 1965. Known as the “King of the Sky”, the eagle is associated with a glorious power, strength, and freedom. (The Iraqi people are not eagles). The six stages of this piece track the plight of the eagle figure through recent Iraqi history, until it’s form is overshadowed and eventually mutilated 1. The proud and primitive eagle with an old Iraqi backdrop references a pre revolution Iraq. 2. The bold green and stark Islamic eagle. 3. A deformed and exploded eagle. 4. The tears of Beladee. 5. The upside-down fist shares prominence with the eagle – the bird has taken on a new form, in an amoebic, transitional phase. 6. The flying bird has transfigured into the sinister iron fist behind every revolution.

Flying Birds Of Saladin 79.5 x 450cm (displayed length not pictured) Acrylic on canvas