Denudation is the natural process by which the earth regenerates, reforms and reshapes itself. Typically, denudation is a process associated with wind and water: the natural elements. And then we have sand. Constantly shifting, constantly being created and constantly creating space outside any time or physical scale we can comprehend. The movement of sand is one that should not and has not been disrupted. Communities of man and animal that live in and around sand have evolved their habitats to co-exist with the sand itself. But now what we see is a global movement to ignore the sanctity of the natural space. This substance is not meant to exist secondary to metal, plastic poles and blocks, glass shards, debris, rubble and noise. And yet we see this new, unnatural, uncomfortable relationship grow and grow. The unstoppable movement of sand has been halted by the structures we have made.

After Denudation 3 156 x 160 Acrylic on raw linen