Our Wounded King presents two figures from Mesopotamia’s mythological history. Rising again from beneath the Euphrates where he is believed to be buried, is Gilgamesh being carried by Gugalanna (The Great Bull of Heaven and Sumerian deity commonly known as Taurus, one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac). The eagle of Saladin is covering his face like a mask. The eagle is freedom; the eagle is flight; the eagle is strength; the eagle is the symbol of Iraqi national identity. This modern symbol of Arab nationalism and identity is decaying Gilgamesh, making him weak, a shadow of his glorious past. In the mythology, Gilgamesh had slain Gugulanna, although now they are both two symbols drawn together by the nostalgia of the land. She is protecting him and carrying his defeated body away.How would Gilgamesh, the strong and mighty king of this land feel if he saw its war-torn and viscous present? Could the pain weaken him and defeat his morale? Would the twisted eagle of Saladin kill him again?

Our Wounded King sketch 90 x 60cm Work on paper